Susie Mackey has been raising registered cattle and building lasting friendships for over 30 years... Offering a complete line-up of Registered Angus cattle for sale.If you're in need of a new bull, looking for young cows, bred heifers, open heifers or starting from scratch, I welcome the opportunity to visit with you! The cattle here at SMM offer generations of artificial breeding. I like good looking cattle first! You will find style, gentle dispositions, muscle, calving ease and the latest in proven, fresh Angus genetics in this herd.  

  Power bulls for Sale 18 months old
Sires include:
PA Full Power, Ellingston Identity, Mohnen Long Distance.


SMM Identity 50123
A sample of what the coming 18 month bulls look like for sale.


2016 Calves

Sires include: SAV Angus Valley, Schiefelbein Effective, Hoover Dam, KG Solution, Mytty in Focus and Mohnen Long Distance



January Heifer Calf

All Purpose × Final Answer × Nichols Extra

    Growing Bulls!

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Hormone Free! Dry Aged!
Corn fed Angus and Maine-Angus steers! Harvested at 16 to 18 months of age with the precise amount of fat condition to provide you adequately marbled, flavorful, tender beef that is not dripping in fat! These steers are homeraised planned for your plate at conception by using Angus bulls that excel in carcass merit.

Loaded up for delivery to your home!

Inquiring minds want to know?
Maine- Anjou is a breed of cattle that originated in France and was brought to the U.S. from Europe in the 1970's. these cattle excel in muscling, rate of gain and disposition. The familar Angus cattle were imported from Scotland and excel in the marbling, maternal and maturity traits.The crossbreeding of the Maine-Anjou and Angus compliment each other well.

Bring your cattle to the ranch or schedule a date for on farm technician service.
25 years experience in A.I. breeding.

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